The New Deal Prequel

Welcome to the Nation of Erika

Project type: Fiction Short
Project status: Development
Writer/Director/Executive Producer: LaQuin Alexander
Executive Producer/Showrunner: Jovel Roystan
Producer: Arneece Maynard
Producer: Hutt Nassar
Cinematographer: Kevin Spence
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In an all-Black world where power is the ultimate currency, everyone in Erika is after their share—and then some—but hidden motives, a media conspiracy, and a government takeover threaten to change the face and culture of their nation forever.


The New Deal takes place in the Nation of Erika and introduces us to Liri, a not-so-average 20-something who’s reluctantly next in line to take her mother’s position as the leader of their community. The series follows Liri and a colorful group of characters, from opposite sides of an ongoing conflict in Erika, as they grapple with the sudden shift of long-standing power dynamics throughout their nation, while trying to figure out their place in it all. As they discover these answers for themselves and get closer to the spoils they’re after, their paths become evermore interconnected, and often not in the nicest of ways.

The Prequel happens 30 something years earlier, exploring the aftermath of an event that serves as the foundation for many of the power plays of present day. We meet the parents and grandparents of our colorful group of characters as they set in motion a movement that still threatens the status quo of Erika.

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Meet the Filmmakers

LaQuin Alexander – Writer/Director/Executive Producer
LaQuin Alexander is writer, director, producer, and all around visionary. A true multi-hyphenate. A graduate of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University with a M.A. in Television, Radio, and Film, her work focuses on underrepresented voices, providing social and cultural criticism while telling stories that we all can relate to. She’s an Urban World Film Festival 2019. LaQuin currently has two short films in post-production, and is in development for her first feature film.

Jovel Roystan – Executive Producer/Showrunner
Jovel Roystan is an actor and men’s lifestyle content creator, born and bred in Houston. Having partnered with dozens of top brands within the fashion, travel, and creative spaces over the past decade, and with a degree in brand management and ten years of visual content creation & storytelling experience, crafting compelling journeys in both short- and long-form content has always been a source of passion and professional fulfillment.

Kevin Spence – Cinematographer
Kevin Spence is a multi-talented Cinematographer from Philadelphia with a demonstrated history of working in the digital media and film space. Kevin is known for Showtimes’ Everything’s Gonna Be All White, and has worked alongside some on the biggest artists and influencers today.

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