A film that explores the lives of young people coping with the routine of tragic news of deaths from gang violence.

Project type: Fiction Short
Project status: Development
Writer/Director: D’Angelo “D’Lo” Louis
Producer: Jamari Perry, David Hunter, Jr
Executive Producer: Yhá Mourhia Wright, Michelle A. Daniel
Instagram: @announcementsfilm
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A Bay Area transplant fights to survive in a Los Angeles high school where announcements often signal tragic farewells, caught between gang violence and forbidden attraction.


Announcements draws on real-life events to unravel the complex world of teenagers navigating high school amid widespread community violence. The film opens with an all-too-familiar announcement from BROOKLYN HARRIS, the poised student body president of Crestview High. She soberly informs the school about the tragic death of JOSHUA STILLS, a fellow student caught in the ongoing crossfire of East and West side gang violence in Los Angeles.

Announcements explores TEDDY GIBSON, a new student from the Bay Area who quickly becomes entangled in territorial conflicts and personal vendettas. Teddy’s attempts to adapt have escalated confrontations with local students, particularly Brooklyn’s brother and his friends DAYTON “DAY DAY” HARRIS and “MELVIN “DOONIE” JEFFERSON.

Interwoven with the main storyline are some very touching moments in Teddy’s counseling sessions at school, where he engages with MS. CRIMSON, a grief counselor, who challenges him to confront his feelings about his new life and the violence that has followed him. In these sessions, Teddy confronts deep-rooted trauma and struggles with aggressive impulses that threaten to consume him. As tensions boil over during a school function, personal grudges culminate into a devastating confrontation, demonstrating the dire consequence of unresolved anger.

In the film, school announcements serve as chilling reminders of the normalcy of tragedy in the lives of these students. In its final announcement, echoed by the collective grief of the community and the disturbing reality that such violence is now an integral part of adolescence, amplifies the urgent message for change.

Exploring youth and trauma through a narrative lens, Announcements engages readers in a conversation about the cyclical nature of community violence and its profound effect on the next generation.

Meet the Filmmakers

D’Angelo “D’Lo” Louis – Writer/Director
D’Angelo “D’Lo” Louis’s journey from Richmond, California, to Hollywood is a testament to resilience and transformation. Growing up in a city where survival demands resilience, D’Lo faced financial hardships that led to a decade-long imprisonment. It was within the confines of California’s Correctional system that D’Lo discovered his creative spirit, encouraged by a friend to delve into writing. Released in August 2018, he quickly transitioned into the film industry, thanks to the same friend who offered him a chance to work on major projects like Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Space Jam: A New Legacy. As a Creative Executive at Proximity Media, D’Lo has contributed to films such as Judas and the Black Messiah and Creed III, earning an Associate Producer credit. His multifaceted career also spans directing music videos, commercials, and artist management. D’Lo’s remarkable journey underscores his capacity for growth, showcasing how adversity can lead to profound creativity and success.

Jamari Perry – Producer
Jamari Perry, an Emmy Award-winning Bay Area, CA filmmaker, specializes in popular culture and community empowerment. She has a diverse portfolio, including web interactives, documentaries, media campaigns, and narrative films. As an Adjunct Professor at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts and Executive Producer at ColorCreative’s Find Your People Program, Jamari has produced significant works, including an Emmy-winning project for PBS Frontline. She founded Hush Harbor Media, producing digital content for nonprofits focused on social justice.

David Hunter, Jr – Producer
Creating content that impacts, inspires, educates, and entertains—content that will continue to influence lives long after I’m gone. It’s an honor to collaborate again with visionary D’Lo, first on his Shoebox project and now on Announcements. Our shared commitment to meaningful engagement resonates deeply with my experiences as a teacher and performer with LAUSD schools for over a decade. The project Announcements immediately resonated with me, and I am thrilled to work on it, knowing its potential impact. I’m grateful for my producing partner, Jamari Perry, who facilitated this impactful collaboration with D’Lo.

Yhá Mourhia Wright – Executive Producer
Yhá Mourhia Wright, a multi-talented artist from San José, CA. In 2016, she founded YháWright Productions and launched the original series #LoveMyRoomie on Amazon Prime Video. As the Senior Video Producer for MadameNoire, she simultaneously produced well-known short-form digital shows and interviewed notable talents like Fantasia Barrino, Kim Fields, and Robin Givens. She served as Programs Director for the Black TV & Film Collective from 2021 to 2023, securing partnerships with Netflix, Aspire TV, Urbanworld Film Festival, and Delta Airlines.

Her short film, Don’t Be Desperate, starring D. Woods premiered on Aspire TV in October 2023. This year, Yhá Mourhia returned for the second consecutive year as the Production Supervisor for Black Girls Film Camp, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit empowering Black girls with media literacy skills to share their stories through film. She produced Chocolate with Sprinkles, a short film by Sundance winner Huriyyah Muhammad, which premiered at the 2024 American Black Film Festival (ABFF) and won the HBO Short Film Competition. She’s currently the Manager of Learning for CBS’s Leadership Pipeline Challenge and hosts the Inside Out Podcast, available on major streaming platforms.

Michelle A. Daniel – Executive Producer
Michelle A. Daniel, an award-winning executive producer and screenwriter, boasts over 15 years of experience in independent film. Her diverse writing and producing credits include shows such as Between Women, Build-A-Boo, Young & Married, and I Am Not Charlotte. Michelle has led many productions to success at prestigious film festivals like the American Black Film Festival (ABFF) and BronzeLens Festival and spearheaded multiple SVOD platforms, mentoring Hollywood’s emerging filmmakers. Additionally, as the Director of Video for TV One, she executive produced for networks like Bossip, Headline Heat, Cassius Life, iOne Digital’s Creative Class, and MadameNoire. She has also collaborated with major sponsors including AT&T, Ford, Comcast, and Wells Fargo. Known for her ability to reveal the ‘bigger picture,’ Michelle has executive produced over 250 pieces of content, consistently dedicating herself to projects that explore deep human emotions and guide aspiring creators toward success.

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