Semicolon; life goes on

Isn't it amazing? How sometimes dreams introduce strangers to us

Project type: Fiction Feature
Project status: Pre-Production
Writer/Director/Producer: Andreina P. Aristeiguieta
Co-Writer: Alberto Arvelo
Producer: Emmi Grullon
Director of Photography: Jose Feng
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After an unsuccessful suicide attempt,Amy a 15-year old, rebellious teenage girl, awakens in the hospital to find herself sharing a bedside with Tito, a 3- year-old boy in a deep coma from a drowning incident. Through vivid dreams & surreal encounters, Tito becomes the catalyst that motivates Amy to rebuild her life.


In the midst of personal turmoil, Amy, a rebellious teenager grappling with a turbulent past, forges a profound bond with Tito, a comatose child in the ICU. As their connection unfolds through dreams and surreal encounters, guided by the supportive presence of Alberto, a teenager from boarding school she’s attending.

Amy embarks on a transformative odyssey of self-exploration, redemption, and the quest to unravel life’s deeper meanings. Along this intricate path, she confronts her inner demons, navigates familial challenges, and ultimately discovers a newfound sense of purpose and compassion, weaving together the threads of healing and understanding amidst the complexities of her journey.

Meet the Filmmakers

Andreina P. Aristeiguieta – Writer/Director/Producer
Born in Caracas Venezuela, Andreina has 11 years of experience in the craft of filmmaking and producing. Graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and the New York Film Academy in Producing and Entertainment law. Mrs Perez has produced over 15 short films in less than 6 years, and recently made her directing debut within the feature film “The Family ” currently in post-production. She has published three books currently in the Spanish market. Mrs Perez has also been a speaker and a female lead to the latino community through a South American tour in 2018.

Andreina’s mission is to reach out to those teenagers in desperate need of being helped and understood by people who have been through the same as they might be going through such as: suicidal thoughts, bullying, self-doubts and life and death threatening situations. She is driven to spread awareness of what living with epilepsy means and how it can impact your life, whether it’s a strong one or a passive one, it impacts as epilepsy is more than just seizures.

Alberto Arvelo – Co-Writer
Alberto Arvelo is Venezuelan writer and director, the mastermind behind and known for A House with a View of the Sea (2001), Libertador (2013), Soundstage Gustavo Dudamel (2021). Arvelo has developed film works renowned for the social and human depth of their characters and the visual strength of their images. He has been nominated and won over 30 awards worldwide.

His film, A House with a View of the Sea The film was a part of the official selection for the Cannes Festival, was acknowledged with 23 international awards, and participated in over 40 international festivals.

He recently collaborated with Andreina in the feature script The Family as a writer, and mentored her in her directing debut. Along that, Alberto also helped Andreina write the Semicolon script.

Emmi Grullon – Producer
Emmi Grullon, a multifaceted individual, was born in the Dominican Republic and brought up in Brooklyn, NY, where he unearthed his love for writing and producing.

In recent years, Emmi has concentrated on crafting his own cinematic narratives and along with being a crucial team member to his colleagues in bringing other enchanting stories to the screen as a producer.

To explore his television and film credits, as well as his upcoming projects, please refer to his IMDb profile.

Jose Feng – Director of Photography
Jose is a Director from Barquisimeto, Venezuela. He came to Los Angeles to pursue a career in Marketing. However, he found his home in storytelling.. Jose tells stories that he feels personally connected as he is the second generation Chinese in Venezuela, which has allowed him to experience life with two different viewpoints. He has a goal to make films that speak to those who recognize themselves as diverse and to bring awareness of Latinos Chinese from all of the world. He is devoted to making films that matter.

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