Talent Guide

Shatara Ford

  • Discipline:Writer
  • Program Year:Project Involve 2015


Shatara Michelle Ford (She/Her/They) is a black American filmmaker born in rural Arkansas and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Their work explores class, power, womanhood, identity, memory, perception and race. Intellectually propelled by the LA Rebellion film movement and stylistically influenced by Neoclassical directors, their films feature marginalized characters with rich internal lives that defy dominant stereotypes. In 2010, they received an MFA in Screenwriting from Royal Holloway, University of London. Their script, Queen Elizabeth was featured on the 2017 Black List. Their debut feature Test Pattern was the 2019 Grand Jury Prize winner at New Orleans Film Festival, and won the Special Jury Prize for Best Feature at Deadcenter Film Festival.