LA Film Festival Tue 5.5.2015

Congrats to the 19 Film Independent Fellows & 15 Members Screening at LA Film Festival

LA Film Festival

The Los Angeles Film Festival is almost here! We’re excited—obviously—we’re the ones throwing the party. But you should be excited, too. Because today is the day we announce the entire line-up of 2015 Festival films. Congrats to all of the filmmakers who’ve put blood, sweat and tears into their work—and welcome to the Film Independent family.

We are proud also to announce—and congratulate—the 19 Film Independent Fellows and 15 Members who will be screening at the Festival. These Fellows have gone through a wide range of our Artist Development Programs: six were in Producing Lab; three were in Screenwriting Lab; six were in Project Involve and four were in Fast Track. Six of the filmmakers were grant recipients: three won Canon Grants and three won Panavision Grants. One was the recipient of our 2014 Someone to Watch Spirit Award. We can’t wait to see their work on the big screen.


J. Davis, writer/director, Manson Family Vacation
Stephen Bannatyne, producer, Manson Family Vacation
Summer Shelton, executive producer, People, Places, Things
Javier Fuentes-León, director, The Vanished Elephant 

US Fiction Competition
Emily Ting, writer/director, It’s Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong
Chad Burris, producer, Mekko

LA Muse
Jared Parsons, producer, Aram, Aram
Zoe R. Cassavetes, writer/director, Day Out of Days
Kate Roughan, producer, Day Out of Days
Gina Kwon, producer, Day Out of Days
Mel Jones, producer, French Dirty
Kaitlin McLaughlin, co-director/writer, Manifest Destiny

Jennifer Westin, producer, Caught

Short Film Competition
Topaz Adizes, director, {The And} Marcela & Rock
Angel Kristi Williams, director, Charlotte
Mel Jones, producer, Charlotte
Yeonchul Lee, director, Kitchen
Shaka King, director, Mulignans
Ian Samuels, director, Myrna the Monster 

Episodes: Indie Series from the Web
Anna Kerrigan, director, The Impossibilities 

Day out of days


Pre-Festival Screenings
Nina Yang Bongioviproducer, Dope

Stephen Bannatyne, producer, Manson Family Vacation
Michael B. Clark, producer, People, Places, Things
Javier Fuentes-Leon, director, The Vanished Elephant

US Fiction Competition
Emily Ting, writer/director/producer, It’s Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong
Chad Burris, producer, Mekko

LA Muse
Christopher Chambers, writer/director/producer, Aram, Aram
Jared Parsons, producer, Aram, Aram
Daniela Amavia, writer/director, A Beautiful Now
Will Slocombe, director, The Escort
Jesse Allain-Marcus, director, French Dirty
Wade Allain-Marcus, director, French Dirty
Mel Jones, producer, French Dirty

Maggie Kiley, director, Caught

Short Film Competition
Angel Kristi Williams, director, Charlotte

Los Angeles Film Festival passes are on sale now. Individual tickets go on sale May 14 to Film Independent Members and on May 19 to the general public. The Festival takes place from June 10-18 in downtown LA.

Jade Estrada / Film Independent Blogger