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Spirit Awards Tue 2.23.2016

Kumail Nanjiani and Kate McKinnon Prepare to Host the 2016 Film Independent Spirit Awards, Saturday February 27 on IFC

If you sense electrons crackling in the air, don’t worry. It’s not a downed telephone wire or hot air balloon full of electric eels—it’s the 2016 Film Independent Spirit Awards, approaching faster than a runaway food truck!

Certainly by now you already have this Saturday, February 27 circled and re-circled on your calendar, until the force of your Sharpie pen have practically carved a porthole in your day planner.

After all, we’ve been doing our level best to keep you in the loop about everything happening in Spirit Awards land—from Instagram cosplay, to recaps of our five Best Feature nominees, to excited testimonials from some of the lucky folks who have actually been nominated.

We’ve also told you how you can follow along with the Spirit Awards on social media, revealed the recipients of our Grant Awards and taken you behind-the-scenes at Film Independent’s 2016 Spirit Awards filmmaker grant and nominee brunch.

Lastly, we let you know all about our hilarious hosts: Kate McKinnon and Kumail Nanjiani, who will guide viewers through an inevitably irreverent ceremony, broadcast LIVE on IFC beginning at 2:00pm PT/5:00pm ET.

And as it turns out, Kate and Kumail are just as excited as we are. So excited, in fact, that it’s led to some, erm, questionable fashion choices:

But nude or clothed, hosting an awards show can be stressful. So who can blame Kate for getting a little—ahem—thirsty?

After all, anything can happen:

But regardless of what does (or doesn’t) go down, at least our hosts can be proud of the fact that they both nailed their auditions. Or Kate can, at least:

But no matter how they got there, “McKinnanjiani” are prepared to bring the magic to the Spirit Awards stage—just as soon as they figure out their nickname:

For 31 years, the Film Independent Spirit Awards have been on the bleeding edge of film culture, recognizing the achievements of the film world’s boldest, brashest and most diverse filmmakers. And all you need to do is watch:

Learn more about Saturday’s 2016 Film Independent Spirit Awards by visiting our website. Check out highlights from last year’s show by visiting this playlist, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to catch exclusive online clips from the upcoming show.

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Matt Warren / Film Independent Digital Content Manager


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