LA Film Festival Tue 6.13.2017

Nice Laurels: Film Independent Members Make Their Presence Felt at LA Film Festival

Can you believe we’re only one day away from the start of the 2017 LA Film Festival? Nervous energy has worn our canary-yellow fidget spinners down to their overtaxed brass nubs, as we sit in our offices at the Culver Studios HQ in giddy anticipation of tomorrow’s Opening Night festivities. But! We can only surmise that our excitement is but an infinitesimal fraction of the excitement currently swelling inside the hearts of our filmmakers—many of whom are first-timers and/or film festival novices. So to you, dear filmmaker, we say welcome!

But even if they’re strangers to the greater indie film world and film festival ecosystem, many of this year’s filmmakers are not, in fact, strangers to Film Independent. This year’s LA Film Festival lineup features a total of 60 individual Film Independent Members, representing 38 different projects as writers, directors, producers and panelists—what better testament to the creativity and industrious of the Film Independent community?

So c’mon, let’s raise a glass (even if it’s a day earlier) and toast this year’s crop of Festival-minted Film Independent Members.


‘Everything Beautiful is Far Away’
  • Jane Kelly Kosek, Producer, 20 Weeks
  • Mariyam Mahbub, Associate Producer, 20 Weeks
  • David Hopper, Editor, 20 Weeks
  • Rebecca Green, Producer, And Then I Go
  • Laura D Smith, Producer, And Then I Go
  • Penny Edmiston, Producer, Beauty Mark
  • Gill Holland, Executive Producer, Beauty Mark
  • Pete Ohs, Writer/Director/Producer/Cinematographer/Editor, Everything Beautiful is Far Away
  • Melissa Panzer, Producer, Izzy Gets the Fuck Across Town
  • John Solomon, Producer, Moss
  • Radium Cheung, Producer, Never Here
  • Camille Thoman, Writer/Director/Producer/Editor, Never Here
  • Neal Dodson, Executive Producer, Never Here

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‘Dalya’s Other Country’
  • Julia Meltzer, Director/Producer, Dalya’s Other Country
  • Anne Etheridge, Cinematographer, Dalya’s Other Country
  • Sara Lamm, Director/Producer, Thank You for Coming

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‘Moko Jumbie’
  • Lauro Rocha, Executive Producer, Butterfly Kisses
  • Maite Artieda, Producer, Moko Jumbie

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‘Fat Camp’
  • Jhennifer Webberley, Producer, And Then There Was Eve
  • Jennifer Arnold, Director, Fat Camp
  • Jim Young, Producer, Fat Camp
  • Mark Hayes, Director/Writer, Skid Row Marathon
  • Gabriele Hayes, Producer, Skid Row Marathon
  • Brandon Buczek, Writer/Director/Producer, Your Own Road

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  • Sam Patton, Director/Producer, Desolation
  • Michael Bowes, Co-Producer, Midnighters
  • Brian Cox, Executive Producer, Serpent
  • Jerome Leroy, Music, The Housemaid

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‘Hot Seat’
  • Roberta Marie Munroe, Consulting Producer, Night Shift
  • Mel Eslyn, Producer, Little Potato
  • Anna Kerrigan, Writer/Director/Producer, Hot Seat
  • Molly Christie Benson, Co-Producer, Hot Seat

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‘Shot Caller’
  • Jonathan King, Producer, Shot Caller
  • Gary Michael Walters, Producer, Shot Caller
  • Elisa Lleras, Producer, Two Sentence Horror Stories: Guilt Trip
  • Pin-Chun Liu, Producer, Two Sentence Horror Stories: Guilt Trip
  • Anna Jones, Director, My America
  • Rowena Mackay, Producer, My America
  • Ellie Wen, Producer, BKPI
  • Liz Destro, Producer, The Little Hours
  • Matthew Perniciaro, Executive Producer, The Little Hours

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‘Patti Cake$’
  • Barry Mendel, Producer, The Big Sick
  • Ryan Cunningham, Co-Producer, Keep the Change
  • Amy Hobby, Executive Producer, Keep the Change
  • Todd Remis, Producer, Keep the Change
  • Summer Shelton, Producer, Keep the Change
  • Danila Taplin Lundberg, Producer, Patti Cake$
  • Rodrigo Teixeira, Producer, Patti Cake$

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‘The Keeping Hours’
  • Danielle Renfrew Behrens, Executive Producer, Humor Me
  • Karen Moncrieff, Director, The Keeping Hours
  • Rebecca Sonnenshine, Writer, The Keeping Hours
  • Lenny Mesina, Editor, Living on Soul
  • Richard Levine, Director, Submission
  • Andrew Carlberg, Producer, Sun Dogs

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‘Morningside 5’
  • Connor Schell, Executive Producer, Morningside 5
  • Libby Geist, Executive Producer, Morningside 5
  • Xan Aranda, Panelist, The Other: Documenting Marginalized Stories

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‘Queen Sugar’
  • Ava DuVernay, Panelist, Yes, We Exist: Ava DuVernay and the Female Directors of Queen Sugar
  • Amanda Marsalis, Panelist, Yes, We Exist: Ava DuVernay and the Female Directors of Queen Sugar
  • Cheryl Dune, Panelist, Yes, We Exist: Ava DuVernay and the Female Directors of Queen Sugar

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