Programs Wed 10.5.2016

VIDEO: How to Build a Better Filmmaking Career

You can tell Scott Prendergast is a filmmaker right away from the way he tells a story. The Texas-born writer and director (known best for 2007’s melancholic indie comedy Kabluey) understands innately how to construct an effective, propulsive narrative—piling incident on top of incident and fortuitous event upon fortuitous event. But in this case, the story Prendergast is telling is literally his own. Or, more specifically, the story of his journey through Film Independent’s many filmmaker programs, labs and, ultimately, the LA Film Festival.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out this exclusive video, produced and directed by yet another Film Independent success story, 2014 Project Involve Fellow Ryan Velasquez. Prendergast joins several others—including Meet the Patels’ Geeta and Ravi Patel and Thirteen’s Catherine Hardwicke—to explain how their careers were advanced and supported with the help of Film Independent:

Look—if that doesn’t make you want to check out our stellar curriculum filmmaker resources (or at least make you hungry for some samosas), nothing will. Want more info? Great—click away below and let the hyperlinks explain all, including application requirements, deadlines, grant awards and more:

In 2015 alone, 140 Film Independent Fellows screened their work as major film festivals throughout the world, including our very own LA Film Festival (now accepting submissions—click here to learn more.) So—are you next?

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