Fri 9.27.2013

What Fate Should Befall Walter White?

That sound you hear this Sunday night will be millions of Americans heaving a collective sigh of sorrow and grief. Whether we will be distraught or elated over the way the brilliant Vince Gilligan chooses to close the book on his loved and loathed characters, remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure: all bad things will have come to an end.

As the Film Independent contingent of Breaking Bad-iacs steeled ourselves for the inevitable   Monday morning mourning, we took a quick poll on what we’d find a satisfying final fate for Walter White.

He should die.
-Sian Heder, Film Independent Screenwriting Lab speaker/Orange is the New Black writer

I think Walt will take himself out with the ricin cigarette. But what I really, really wish is for Jesse to ride off into the sunset Django style—with a hot revolver tucked in his waistband and a beautiful lady pressed up against his back.
-Pamela Miller, Website & Grants Manager

Walter White will have his “last stand” and go out with a legendary bang. It’s likely he will seek vengeance on Uncle Jack’s gang. Jesse will perish – he’s too broken at this point to go on living. Skyler will go to jail, at least for a few years, and Marie will become the guardian of Walt Jr. and Holly until she is released. Now what happens to all of that money… I have no clue.
-Lee Jameson, Film Education Coordinator

Walter Junior is killed by Uncle Jack, Holly gets rescued by Jesse, and Skyler goes to jail, while he’s helplessly locked in that cabin watching Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium for the rest of his life.  You can ask Zach Helm how hellish that last bit can be.
-María Raquel Bozzi, Director of Film Education

I think the loss of his money and family would be the best punishment for him. Hope that comes either by the feds taking the money and locking him up or his death at the hands of Jesse or Cancer. Sorry Walt! #TeamJesse
-Jenn Murphy, Programmer and Program Coordinator

By Pamela Miller / Website & Grants Manager