Thu 7.25.2013

Binge Viewers Unite! Or At Least Confess (We did.)


Mad Men seasons 1-5: one week. Orange Is the New Black: 72hrs. The Killing season 1: 24 hours. —Kady Kamakate, Executive Assistant

Because I have a young daughter, I possess a knowledge of Wonder Pets that can only be explained as a symptom of extreme binge viewing. –Josh Welsh, President

I devoured all five seasons of Friday Night Lights during the first trimester of my first pregnancy. I cried at the end of almost every episode. I’ll blame that on the hormones. –Jennifer Kushner, Director of Artist Development

Mad Men seasons 1-4 in 4 days. #dontjudgeme –Evelyn Rascon, Development Assistant

Lars von Trier’s eight-episode miniseries The Kingdom, consumed all in one sitting, in part due to a theme song that refused to be ignored or turned off. –Doug Jones, Associate Director of Programming

Seasons 4 and 5, Sons of Anarchy, 2 days! —Rosalind Williams, Finance & Admin Assistant

The Most Popular Girls in School It’s like Mean Girls, except dirtier with stop animated Barbies. All of the episodes in one evening. —Mike Piacentini, Data & Web Manager

I took a week-long staycation and decided it would be a good use of my time to lay in bed and watch seasons 1-4 of Breaking Bad and eat chicken nuggets. I also introduced my parents to the first two episodes of Lost. I called them two weeks later to see how they liked the first season and they said they had gone through all six seasons. Ryan Gilden, Graphic Designer

In Treatment, season 1 (43 episodes) in one week. —Michael Lopez, Director of Institutional Giving & Strategic Partnerships

Breaking Bad seasons 1-4 in one week when I broke my ankle and was bedridden. —Lee Jameson, Film Education Coordinator

I binge-viewed the entire series of The Wire in less than three weeks. A year later my wife started watching it, and I was sucked back in. We watched whole series in less than two weeks. Too much good. —Evan Ward-Henninger, Membership Manager

Downton Abbey seasons 1 and 2 in three days. Considered calling in sick to stay home and watch (only half joking!). –Natalie Rodriguez, Development Associate, Special Projects

24 seasons 1 and 2.  I burned through 4 or 5 episodes a night.  It felt like a drug habit: “OK, this is the last episode I’m watching tonight,” only to say that two or three more times. —Paul Cowling, Associate Director of Film Education

It’s so many… My binges usually are watching three to four episodes a night, every night of the week until I am done with whatever is available online from one series. Breaking Bad (Season 5 in three nights)… Mad Men  Lost I know that I am binging when I wake up and can’t wait for it to be night time to get to the next episode(s). —María Raquel Bozzi, Director of Film Education

Season 2 of Homeland in two evenings. —Patty Davis, Executive & Board Relations Coordinator

The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret and Spaced — both available on Netflix, in their entirety. Both shows in one sitting —time I’ll gladly never get back. —Greg Longstreet, Manager, Publicity & Communications

Tell us, Bug-Eyed Bingers: What’s your record?