Wed 11.13.2013

HOT TOPIC: VOD — What’s on the Minds of Industry Insiders

Mo’ platforms, mo’ problems. Okay, that wasn’t quite Biggie’s intent, but the sentiment definitely applies. Along with exciting opportunities for independent filmmakers, the explosion of VOD platforms has also brought a host of complexities and conundrums. Here are the top quotes on the ever-shifting VOD marketplace from this week’s AFM Conference.

“Your digital strategy has to be as important as your script.”
David White, Founder & CEO, IndieReign

“Today, VOD has leveled the playing field. Your film has every opportunity to get viewers as any studio film.”
Richard Wellerstein, VP Content Acquisition and Programming, AT&T

“Everyone’s attention span on the internet is like 7 seconds.”
Amy Friedlander Hoffman, Founder, Priority Digital Media

“The great thing [about VOD] is the ability to get movies into millions of homes. One of the things that is problematic right now for a host of reasons, and it’s a dirty little secret that a lot of  smaller indie films are struggling to drive transactions.”
Andy Bohn, Co-Founder & Partner, The Film Arcade

“VOD genres that do better are comedy, action, thriller and horror. What does well everywhere is good story and name cast. What’s more on the rise is film for women, romantic comedies that go for 25-30 year-old moms. The underserved market is children and kids and docs centered on women, positive uplifting films are a hotbed right now.”
Kyle Kaczmarek, Co-Founder, Kaczmarek Digital Media Group

“Do It Yourself has to mean supporting the distributor. It still has to be a coordinated effort. It’s  not the wild west out there.”
Lisa Romanoff, Managing Director & CEO Worldwide Distribution, Vision Films