Film Independent Tue 3.22.2016

Welcome to the New!

Take a look at this sentence. Now look to either side. Look up. Look down. There’s something different today, isn’t there? Don’t worry—your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. Well, they might be, but that’s not why the blog looks different. The reason, we’re very pleased to report, is that we launched an all-new!

The launch of our new website caps off an extensive rebranding process, which Film Independent began more than a year and a half ago in collaboration with the design firm Pentagram (read more about Pentagram’s involvement here.)

But refreshing our visual identity was only the first step in a lengthy effort to unify all of Film Independent’s programs and events into one cohesive brand—and in this case, online destination.

The new site offers greater ease of use, information gathering and navigation. That means your days of typing in separate web addresses for events including the LA Film Festival and Film Independent Spirit Awards are over. You’re already here. But for you creatures of habit don’t worry, the old links still work too.

“We’re thrilled to unveil our new website, where visitors can find everything from blogs, to lab deadlines, to the latest on the Spirit Awards and LA Film Festival,” said Maggie Moe, Film Independent’s Director of Marketing. “Community is an integral part of Film Independent, so it’s essential our website serves our audience and reflects the caliber and scope of what we do.”

Our web development team at Barrel implemented Pentagram’s design. With our new tagging and filtering system and search bar, searching for content related to your favorite filmmaker, subject, event series or author is easier than ever. Need advice on producing? Search for the “producing” tag. Go ahead; try it out. Everything you want is at your fingertips.

The site is also more visual (sort of like the medium of film itself!) and is wholly mobile-responsive—perfect for reading on your smartphone or tablet.

Film Independent’s website redesign strives to both extend and enhance the values expressed in our new brand identity—one that sheds the “grungy” independent film aesthetic of yesteryear in favor of something more sleek, colorful and inviting.

Our independent film community isn’t just a “cool kids club.” The new site is a bright, modern, all-inclusive playground where anyone with the passion for telling great stories is welcome. Just check out our signature I Am Film Independent trailer for proof.

To learn more about Film Independent’s new look, please check out our blog post from last September, or this article from Fastco Designs about Pentagram’s refresh of the visuals around this year’s 2016 Film Independent Spirit Awards.

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