Mon 7.22.2013

What’s Your Favorite Film About Royals?

Bust out the popcorn and pass out the cigars. In honor of Kate and Will’s royal bundle of joy, we asked our Film Independent family to weigh in with their picks for the best-ever films about royals.

The Ruling Class: Peter O’Toole kills it. Or The Royal Tennenbaums because Gene Hackman and Danny Glover face off. Or Elizabeth because Cate Blanchett is married…to England. —Stephanie Allain, Festival Director

Coming to AmericaMel Jones, Festival Assistant

The Private Life of Henry VIII, Henry V, The Last Emperor, Roman Holiday —Doug Jones, Associate Director of Programming

The Madness of King George (Nicholas Hyntner), Edward II (Derek Jarman), The Lion King (Roger Allers, Rob Minkoff), Elizabeth (Shekhar Kapur), The Royal Tennenbaums (Wes Anderson) —Michael A. Lopez, Director of Institutional Giving and Strategic Partnerships

The Last Emperor, Siddhartha, The Sword in the Stone, Juarez (1939, with Betty Davis and Paul Muni) —Francisco Velasquez, Project Involve Manager

Orlando (Sally Potter), Roman Holiday (William Wyler), The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (Stephan Elliott) —Lee Jameson, Film Education Coordinator

The Queen (Stephen Frears) and that’s being really literal.—Maria Raquel Bozzi, Director of Film Education

King Ralph, The Man Who Would Be King, Coming to America, The Queen, Elizabethand I think The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air deserves honorable mention. —Evan Ward-Henninger, Membership Manager

King Ralph —Josh Welsh, Co-President

Pulp Fiction. Nothing beats a Royale with cheese. —Greg Longstreet, Manager Publicity & Communications

The Man Who Would Be King, The King’s Speech, Curse of the Golden Flower, The Princess Bride, Excalibur —Paul Cowling, Associate Director of Film Education

The Tudors —Rosalind Williams, Membership Assistant

The Queen (Stephen Frears); The Princess Diaries (Garry Marshall); Marie Antoinette (Sophia Coppola) —Natalie Rodriguez, Development Associate, Special Projects 

The King’s Speech (Tom Hooper) and Masquerade (Changmin Choo) —Jane Hwang, Artist Development Associate

RAN (Akira Kurosawa), The Princess Diaries (Garry Marshall) —don’t judge—Marie Antoinette (Sofia Coppola) —Cristhian Barron, Senior Accountant

Tell us, royal (film) watchers. What’s yours?