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Alaska Is a Drag

Tough, but diva fabulous, Leo, aspiring drag superstar, is stuck working in a fish cannery in Alaska. He and his twin sister are trapped in the monotony of fist fights and fish guts. Out of necessity, Leo learned to fight back, which catches the attention of the local boxing coach. When a new boy moves to town and wants to be his sparring partner, Leo has to face the real reason he's stuck in Alaska.

Project type: Fiction Feature
Director: Shaz Bennett
Producers: Diane Becker, Jean-Pierre Caner, Melanie Miller

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All Saints Day

To prevent his oldest brother from drinking himself to death, Ronan Connolly must seek help from their estranged priest brother, leading to an unexpected family reunion with their long-lost sister, and a botched intervention.

Project type: Fiction Feature
Director/Producer: Matt Aaron Krinsky
Screenwriter: Julianne Homokay
Director of Photography: Sam Krueger
Editor: Connor Linnerooth
Casting Director: Sarah Steiker

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All That’s Left of You

In the moments before a Palestinian teen is confronted by Israeli soldiers at a protest in the West Bank, his mother recounts the series of events that led him to that fateful moment, starting with his grandfather's displacement from Jaffa in 1948. All That's Left of You is an epic historical drama chronicling the story of one family over three generations and examining the passage of trauma to each.

Project type: Fiction Feature
Writer/Director/Producer: Cherien Dabis
Producer: Thanassis Karathanos

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An All American Affair: The True Story of Maxene Andrews

Maxene Andrews, of the famed musical trio “The Andrews Sisters”, lived parallel lives. In the eyes of the American public, she was a beloved icon of 1940s patriotism. In private, she had many secrets that would have shocked America and destroyed the sisters’ careers and legacy.

Project type: Nonfiction Feature
Directors/Producers: Amanda Spain & Sandra Alvarez

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Anti-Venom for a Snake

Set in 1993, a New York City drag queen suffers from AIDS as she mourns the loss of her soulmate, both by reliving past traumas and conquering current ones.

Project type: Fiction Short
Director: Cameron Kostopoulos
Writer: Gerardo Garcia
Producer: Valerie Tan
Producer: Alex Jiang

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An aimless loner claims to have the psychic ability to find serial killers, but suspicions rise when she happens to brutally murder them every time.

Project type: Fiction Short
Writer/Director/Producer: Morgen A. Whiteman
Producer: Aliya Brooks
Director of Photography: Liz Charky
Editor: Jazmin Jamias
Composer: Evo Jackson

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Are You Ready?

A man takes his wife on a trip down memory lane if only to share a few moments of lucidity in her battle with Alzheimer’s, showing how love can transcend time and tribulations.

Project type: Fiction Short
Writer: Laura Walker
Director: John Lazear
Producer: Leilani Turner
Lead Actor: Sally Struthers
Lead Actor: Joe Estevez
Casting Director: Lisa Zambetti
Gaffer: Dwight Campbell
Grip/Lighting: Eamon Shannon

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A Persian tale set in the dead of winter about a 11-year-old girl who discovers the underground, illegal ballet group of post-Islamic revolution Tehran and rewrites her own destiny.

Project type: Fiction Feature
Director/Writer/Producer: Sophia Kiapos
Producer: Beth Hubbard
Executive Producer: Chelsea Winstanley

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A young woman in New York City seeks out medical help after an intimate encounter turns harrowing.

Project type: Fiction Short
Writer/Director: Federica Belletti
Producer: Nina Cochran

Producer: Mahak Jiwani

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Artie Shaw: Time Is All You’ve Got

The 1986 winner for Best Documentary at the Academy Awards is now being remastered for an upcoming re-release.

Project type: Nonfiction Feature
Director: Brigette Berman
Producer: Bradley Torreano

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When Ray, a 40-year-old gay Chicano, returns home after serving a 20-year prison term, he must learn to navigate familial and emotional terrains he hardly recognizes, eventually leading to a cathartic encounter with Leo, the high school friend with whom he had a closeted relationship.

Project type: Fiction Short
Writer/Director/Producer: Miguel Angel Caballero
Writer/Lead Actor: Luis Antonio Aldana

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Ashland is a feature length documentary about a diverse group of young people living on the plains of Eastern Montana. Their hopes and dreams for the future laid bare in a wild landscape full of history and mystery where the past still dances with the present.

Project type: Nonfiction Feature
Director: Wyatt Maw
Co-Producer/Editor: James Carson
Cinematographer: Hatti Beanland
Executive Producer: Julian Cautherley

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Asteroid! The Chicxulub Crater Story

While searching for oil a geologist encounters never-before-seen results. He is alone in his belief — that he has found the giant impact crater created by the very asteroid that not only destroyed the dinosaurs, but also laid the foundation for mankind itself. In his struggle to bring this to the world, Glen learns that he has discovered far more. For him, the crater proves to be the very place where science meets God.

Project type: Nonfiction Feature
Producer: James Guyer, Colin Bates, Kevin Brodie
Director: TBA

Writer: Kevin Bernhardt
Legal & Sales: George Rush

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Atomic Bamboozle: The False Promise of a Nuclear Renaissance

Atomic Bamboozle follows anti-nuclear activists, tribal leaders, scientists and attorneys as they draw lessons from the decades-long campaign to shut down the Trojan Nuclear Power plant in Oregon and extend those lessons into a new struggle to stop small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) that are being aggressively promoted by the the Department of Energy and nuclear industry in response to the climate crisis.

Project type: Nonfiction Feature
Director: Jan Haaken
Producer: Samantha Praus
Associate Producer: Cathy Sampson-Kruse
Associate Producer: ​Cathryn Chudy
Editor: Jeremiah Fueres

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Baby Tooth

A young man returns to his rural Florida hometown to provide support for his dying grandmother and reconnect with the family he left behind.

Project type: Fiction Feature
Writer/Director: Drew Lewis Brown
Executive Producer: Trey McIntyre

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Bad Egg

A thirty-something preschool teacher discovers she was adopted and, desperate to belong, fights frantically to build a family of her own before her biological clock runs out.

Project type: Fiction Feature
Writer/Director: Izzy Shill
Producer: Lysette Urus
Producer: Diana Irvine

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Barrio Television

Barrio Television is the untold story of a band of Puerto Rican filmmakers who refused to let the first all-Latino produced TV show in American history be canceled.

Project type: Nonfiction Feature
Writer/Director/Producer: Christina DiPasquale
Cinematographer: Livia Perini Borraje
Associate Producer: Madison Cofield

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Beachy Floaty Thingys

Sisters Grace and Hope have been looking forward to this much-needed vacation to exotic Myrtle Beach, SC all year long. But their girls' weekend gets derailed when they are asked to bring their four rowdy nieces and nephews along. Beachy Floaty Thingys is an ode to vacations gone wrong, a love letter to relatives who step in as guardians, and more importantly, a reminder that no matter what, no one can take away your joy.

Project type: Fiction Short
Writer/Director: Amina Sutton
Producer: Crystal Isaac
Producer: Ellie Shanahan
Editor: Janna Emig
Animator: Nijah Brown

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Bee Stings

A shopping spree turns into an anxiety-ridden nightmare when a prepubescent Arab American girl struggles to tell her father that she wants a bra.

Project type: Fiction Short
Director/Writer/Producer: Kali Davis
Writer: Nadine Nonn
Cinematographer: Haley Min Young Kreofsky
Production Designer: Rebecca Muench

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Bertie the Brilliant

A young boy takes on chores and small jobs around his neighborhood to raise money for a ticket to a magic show; but when his grandmother loses her job, he is faced with a difficult decision.

Project type: Fiction Short
Director/Writer/Producer: Gabriela Garcia Medina
Producer:Vicki Syal
Producer: Moana Sherill
Producer: Dylan Costa
Co-Writer/Production Designer: Joshua D. Sankar
Cinematographer: Bongani Mlambo
Choreographer: Reina Hidalgo
Editor: Dominique Pieb Espinosa
Cast: Terri Hoyos, Cheryl Umaña Bonilla

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