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“A” For Alpha

After Harrison starts to experience some insecurities in his relationship, he finds himself in an identity crisis trying to figure out what it means to be a man.

Project type: Fiction Short
Director/Producer: Kelley Kali
Producers Reggie Lochard, Eric K. Thomas

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2 Richards! The African Company

Opening night. Greenwich Village, New York. The year is 1821, before the abolition of slavery. Two theatre companies next door to each other put on a production of ‘Richard III’. However, there’s a difference between the two: One is a white theatre company, The Park Theatre, and the other, a Black theatre company, The African Company.

Project type: Nonfiction Feature
Director/Producer/Writer: Kamilla Blanche
Executive Producer: Olga Garay English
Narrator: Clarke Peters
Music Supervisor/Composer: Gail Ann Dorsey
Historian: Margit Edwards

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3:35 to Boston

A military wife and mother struggling to balance all the pieces of her life breaks down when she realizes that the life she had planned for herself may not be possible.

Project type: Fiction Short
Director/Producer/Actor: Kay Barnes

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8:46PM. Harriet Arrives.

Shaken by the social unrest in her community, a young girl witnesses a horrific crime outside her window and unwittingly beckons the spirit of Harriet Tubman to help her right some wrongs.

Project type: Fiction Short
Writer/Director/Producer: Aimiende Negbenebor Sela
Producer: Ricky Rosario
Executive/Creative Producer: Raquel Tresvant
Executive Producer/Actor: Rasheda Abdullah Hairston

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A Banner Year

As vampiric hedge funds suck up and devour local newspapers across the country, a group of Baltimore journalists, backed by a billionaire philanthropist, band together to save local journalism in their city.

Project type: Nonfiction Feature
Director/Producer: Josh Davidsburg
Producer/Cinematographer: Krishnan Vasudevan
Producer: Alanna Delfino
Producer: Gene Deems

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A Bus to the Stars

Three homeless friends living on the street, are waiting for the bus that will take them to the city of Angels, where dreams can come true.

Project type: Fiction Short
Director/Writer/Executive Producer: Coxy Chiara Rodoni
Producer: Gaëlle Jaunay-Calendini
Cinematographer: Adam J. Hahn
Composer: Dónal Rafferty

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A Coalfield Christmas

On Christmas Eve, a teenage girl visiting her old-school grandma in Kentucky gets an unexpected lesson on how to show compassion for others during the holidays.

Project type: Fiction Short
Director/Writer: Julia Maddox
Producer: Mark Lamb
Cinematographer: Prabhat Gurung
Cast: Carol Niswonger

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A Couple of Secrets

A wild 24-hour first date entangles two quirky, broken individuals, each concealing a deep, dark secret.

Project type: Fiction Feature
Writer/Director: Nicholas Pallos
Producers Andrea Monier, Talia Bella, Steven Step (EP)

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A Home for Everything

Sharon Baugh’s bin store in rural Georgia starts out as a small business, a way to support her family, but soon becomes a lifeline to an economically disadvantaged community. The store resells discounted returns from major retailers - returns that would normally end up in landfill - and these forgotten items have a seismic impact in the small town.

Project type: Nonfiction Short
Director/Producer/Editor: Amanda Roddy
Executive Producer: Muffie Meyer

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A Little House in Aberdeen

A woman reflects on her past and wonders about her future - while she happens to be having an abortion. This is a story about a person apart from the procedure as captured during her in-clinic abortion, casually, vulnerably, and in real time.

Project type: Fiction Short
Director/Producer/Writer/Actor: Emily Goss
Actor: Laur Allen
Editor: Shayan Ebrahim

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A Lo-Fi Blues

An aging blues musician, convinced his late wife is trapped in a song, believes she’s been kidnapped by a group of lo-fi hip-hop producers in Oakland.

Project type: Fiction Feature
Director/Screenwriter: Ed Ntiri
Producer: Winnie Wong
Cinematographer: Melinda James
Music and Community Culture Consultant: Jason G. Ragonton
Advisor: Andre Torres

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A Most Atrocious Thing
Oh Deer! A weekend getaway becomes deadly when bad blood turns a group of friends against each other.

Project type: Fiction Feature
Director/Actor: Christian Hurley, Ben Oliphint
Producer/Actor: Matthew Wassong
Writer/Actor: Will Ammann, Dylan DeVol

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A Praise Chorus

Two estranged bandmates must reunite after three years to perform at the memorial service of their drummer and best friend.

Project type: Fiction Short
Writer/Director/Producer: Abigail Pañares
Producer: Andrew Ratermann

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A Reason To

When a Filipina college student reunites with an old friend, she is confronted with a hazy, intimate memory, realizing they may have nothing in common anymore.

Project type: Fiction Short
Project status: Development
Writer/Exec Producer/Leading Role: Sari Arambulo
Director: Cole Bacani
Cinematographer: Joseph Yao
Producers: Brendan Bennett, Porschia Adler
Associate Producers: Ellis J. Sutton, Eddie Leavy
Editor: Kirsten Hoang

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A Thousand Faces

A disastrous one-night-stand between drunken millennials gets unexpectedly extended when a neighborhood lockdown prevents Lucas from leaving Asha’s apartment. LUCAS, a laid back, agnostic tutor, and ASHA, a tough-as-nails, God-fearing attorney, must survive the police lockdown for six hours without killing each other or… falling in love.

Project type: Fiction Feature
Project status: Production
Director/Producer: Elton Loud

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A Violent Man

A feature documentary exploring the lives of two men, as they attempt to overcome their childhood trauma, renounce violence and lead better lives.

Project type: Nonfiction Feature
Director/Producer: Nick Taussig
Director/Editor: Riccardo Servini

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A Woman’s Body

In the afterglow of their happy occasion, a newlywed couple encounters a painful truth on their wedding night that puts their future together in peril.

Project type: Fiction Short
Writer/Director/Producer: Tiffany Tenille
Producer: Betsey Grupp, Dr. Trevor GrandPre

Executive Producer: Isabell Bernard, Zach Bernard

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Across The Globe Film Festival

Across The Globe is coming to New York City! After two years of celebrating international independent films remotely, XTG is having its first in-person event in April 2024.

Project type: Festival
Creator/Festival Director: John Fessler
Sponsorship Director: Andrew Levy
Head of Marketing & Social Media: Jared Cohen

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No single collection of the cartoons made by Max Fleischer and Fleischer Studios exists anywhere in the world. My mission is to collect all the cartoons, restore them, and make them available to everyone.

Project type: Animation
Producer: Jane Fleischer Reid
Supervising Director: Max Reid
Restoration Supervisor: Steve Stanchfield
Lead Restorer: Thad Komorowski
Color Restorer: Jack Theakston

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Africa: Untold

Meet Africa's game-changers: The innovators, educators and pioneers, reimagining and reshaping the continent's future.

Project type: Nonfiction Episodic
Series Director/Creator: Bruce Donnelly
Producer: Fermin Rojas

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